English Abstract
Environmental Stability of Rubber/Galvanized-steel Direct Bonding System
Kunio MORI
Yoshiyuki OISHI
Hidetoshi HIRAHARA
Department of Applied Chemistry, Iwate University, Ueda Morioka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(9),325-330 Original Paper in Japanese

The adhesion stability of rubber/galvanized-steel direct bonding system was studied under several environmental conditions. Following results were obtained. (1)Aging between plates of press machine heated with steam accelerates the degradation of adhesion about 10 times compared with that in oven at the same temperature. (2)Aging under relative humidity 95% or hot water immersion accelerates about 18 times compared with press machine plates aging at the same temperature. (3)Neither ozone aging nor weather meter degradation accelerates so much as high humidity or hot water immersion. (4)The depth of rubber deterioration was 8 mm by high pressure oxygen test, 3~4 mm by high humidity test or hot water immersion test, and 2 mm by hot oven test. (5)The activation energy calculated from the data obtained by press machine plate aging was 107 kJ/mol.

(Received on January 11, 2007)

(Accepted on June 6, 2007)

Rubber, Galvanized-steel, Direct Bonding, Environmental Stability