English Abstract
Engineering Plastics
Isao Satoh
Satoh Engineering Consultant, Kawasaki-city, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(8),297-301 General Review in Japanese

At first my classification system of plastic materials was described. Then an explanation was made clearly on the definition of engineering plastics. Subsequently, the characteristics of 5 major engineering plastics were explained based on crystallinity. Moreover, the materials called super engineering plastics can be classified in 3 groups, i.e. popular super engineering plastics, transparent heat-resistant plastics and super heat-resistant plastics.

Also the engineering plastic industry for the past 20 years in Japan was reviewed. Finally my opinion was given on the future of engineering plastic industry in our country.

Engineering Plastic, Super-engineering Plastic, Future, Plastic Industry, Prospect, Look back