English Abstract
Recent Advances in Thermoplastic Elastomer in Japan.
-Application, Market and Material-

Kiyoo KATO
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation, Synthetic Rubber Division, Technical and Development Department of Synthetic Rubber, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(6),226-232 General Review in Japanese

Recent advances in Thermoplastic Elastomer in Japan are described, and trends of application, market and material development in the future are also forecasted.
TPEs global market is growing with 8-10% /year in this decade. Although the growing rate in Japan is not so high as that in the world, the trend will succeed also in Japan.
Especially, TPOs and hydrogenated TPSs (SEBS, SEPS) are growing very fast. TPOs based on metallocene catalyzed technology is very unique. Many TPOs of which structure (tacticity, narrow molecular weight distribution and block sequences) is well regulated, are developed for automotive materials, sheets and films applications. Also blend type of TPOs, especially TPVs have been well developed and commercialized.
Many grades of hydrogenated TPS are developing. The wide applications of the low and middle molecular weight type of hydrogenated TPS are thermoplastic modifier, adhesive, and compatibilizer for TPV, engineering plastics and polymer blends. High molecular weight type of hydrogenated TPS are well used for TPS elastomer compound which is used for automotive, liner cap of beverage, medical bag and medical tube. TPVs are growing because of its heat stability and oil resistance. New types of TPV named super-TPV are also developing. The global growth of TPE will be continued for next decade.

Thermoplastic Elastomer, Hydrogenated, TPS, TPO, Metallocene, Automotive, TPV, Compatibilizer