English Abstract
Interaction Analysis between Tire and Deformable Medium Using FEM and FVM
Shoji OIDA
Bridgestone Corporation, Japan, Kodaira-Shi, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(4),159-162 General Review in Japanese

Recent progress of computational mechanics enabled us to simulate large-scale coupling problems, in which the interaction between the deformation of tire structure and of surrounding medium can be considered. Bridgestone Corporation has been developed simulation technologies to predict tire performance on nearly all kinds of road surfaces, and they are collectively called CROSS. Various kinds of phenomena of tires with arbitrary tread pattern running on deformable medium have been predicted using CROSS technology.
This paper aims to introduce the simulation technology used in CROSS, especially for the choice of their physical phenomena to be numerically modeled. The fluid characteristics are mathematically modeled using appropriate constitutive law, and then the water, snow, and soil are numerically modeled. The complex fluid/structure interaction can be analyzed. Predicted results are in good a greement with experimental data.

FEM, FVM, Hydroplaning, Snow Traction, Off-the-road Performance