English Abstract
Structural Mechanics of Tire and Braking Performance
Japan Automobile Research Institute
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(4),147-152 General Review in Japanese

The wet grip performance of tires is decreased when the rolling resistance is reduced by the change of the tread rubber compound. The wear rate also becomes faster when the wet grip performance is improved. From these facts it is difficult to solve the trade-off between these performances. In recent years silica filled compounds are widely used as tread rubber to solve the trade-off between wet performance and rolling resistance. However, we have to develop new other methods due to the limitation in achieving the further improvement od these performances by means of the tread rubber development. In this paper the method for the improvement of the braking performance was described using structural mechanics of tires.

Wet Grip, Rolling Resistance, Wear,Tread, Braking Performance