English Abstract
Bicycle Tire for the Truck Race
Yoshito OHTAKE
Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute, Japan Kitakatsushika-gun, Saitama, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2007),80(3),93-99 General Review in Japanese

The bicycle tire for the truck race has been improved to be much lighter than the tire of general bicycle. The bicycle tire for the race is used with a high pressure of 10 atm. Since the best speed of the truck race is 80km per hour, much contrivance has been conducted to the tire for the truck race. For example, NR (natural rubber) latex is used as a raw tube material, since the tear strength of NR is strong, in order to reduce the risk to burst. Therefore, there is small impact of the puncture, so the accident in which rider falls down from the bicycle is suppressed. For the adhesion of rim and tire, the rubber cement made by CR ( chloroprene rubber) is used. The rubber cement has the work as cushion material of the stress which is added to the tire from various directions.

Bicycle tire for the truck race, NR, CR, Burst, Adhesion