English Abstract
Rubber Materials for Dry Imaging Films
Yoshihisa TSUKADA
Hirohiko TSUZUKI
Fuji Photo Film, Minamiashigara-Shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2006),79(9),435-439 General Review in Japanese

Dry imaging film DI-HL (hereafter Film A) has been developed for a new medical imaging system that is distinguished from conventional film systems by digitization and no waste water. This film is produced with a water-based emulsion coating technology that is much eco-friendly. SBR latex is used for a binder of light-sensitive layer in Film A where images are formed of silver. This SBR latex was especially designed for Film A to give excellent image archivability in comparison with our old type SBR latex. Besides SBR latex, layer structures and image formation mechanism of Film A, and a water-based emulsion coating technology are described.

SBR Latex, Dry Imaging Film, Image Archivability, Image Formation Mechanism, Water-based Emulsion Coating Technology