English Abstract
Requirements and Fundamental Technologies of the Die-bonding Film for
Semiconductor Packages

Teiichi INADA
Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., Advanced Materials Research & Development Center, Laboratory for Polymer Technology, Ibaraki, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2006),79(8),393-397 General Review in Japanese

Reaction-induced polymer alloy films are useful to the CSPs (Chip Size/Scale Package), which are suitable for compact electronic products with high calculating speed. In particular, to cope with the wide-spreading adoption of Pb-free solders, the films are expected to have excellent reliability through the high temperature reflow process. In this respect, we developed a novel low-modulus die bonding adhesive film, which consists of a low modulus acrylic polymer, a highly heat resistant epoxy resin and nano-size filler. The film showed superior reflow-crack resistance of JEDEC level 1 at 265 as well as sufficient connection reliability and PCT resistance, in the stacked CSP.

Polymer alloy, Die bonding film, Acrylic polymer, Reaction-induced phase decomposition