English Abstract
Visualizing and Imaging Techniques of Polymer Analysis
Atsushi KATO
NISSAN ARC, LTD. Yokosuka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2006),79(7),367-373 General Review in Japanese

In the polymer analysis, elements, functional groups, the first-order structure and higher-order structure have been focused. Moreover,dispersion and/or aggregation, agglomeration of filler and reinforcing material, and the interface structure between them and polymer matrix, should be analyzed. Therefore, visualization of elements, function groups, higher-order structure and physical (thermal, mechanical, electrical, etc.) properties is strongly required from the nanometer to micrometer region. In addition, observation of molten polymer flow patterns, molding trouble of polymer moldings, the interface between polymer and adhesive (or paint, etc.), and deterioration layers, are keenly interested, too. This time, we introduce some examples about our useful new techniques that can clearly observe their images.

Imaging technique, Polymer analysis, Morphology, 3D/N-ARC, FIB/SEM, SPM