English Abstract
Flame Retardant Agents
Nishizawa Institute of Technology
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2006),79(6),316-322 General Review in Japanese

Flame retardant materials have been increased in many application field lately. There are many regulations of flame retardant materials in the world ,such as WEEE ,RoHS,UL,CSA and JIS speci-Fications.
Recently in these requirement, not only flame retardant properties but also enviromental safety are included and must take care of these inclination to select the flame retardant agents.
I introduced the typical flame retardant regulation in EU and Japan, and the present situation of flame retardant agents in this paper.
The role of flame retardant mechanisms to develop new agents should now be reconsidered again .

WEEE, RoHS, Flame retardant agents, Non halogen flame retardant agents, Enviromental flame retardant agents