English Abstract
Fundamentals of the Nucleation and Growth Kinetics in Preparation of Polymeric Microspheres
Emeritus Professor, University of Fukui & Technical Adviser, Product Development Center, Todoroki Industry Co., Ltd, Fukui, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2006),79(2),46-53 General Review in Japanese

Polymeric microspheres are mostly produced by heterogeneous free radical polymerizations such as micro-emulsion, emulsion, mini-emulsion and dispersion polymerizations. Based on historically important kinetic and mechanistic studies of emulsion polymerization, the current fundamental understanding of particle nucleation and growth in these heterogeneous free radical polymerizations is briefly but systematically summarized from the viewpoint of free radical polymerizations in microscopic dispersed phase systems.

Emulsion polymerization, Kinetics, Polymeric microsphere, Particle growth, Particle nucleation.