English Abstract
The Latest Trend of the Emulsion Polymerized Rubbers
Kiyoshi HOSOYA
Zeon Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2006),79(1),30-34 General Review in Japanese

Most of the emulsion polymerized rubbers are manufactured using radical polymerization reactions by which many monomers can be polymerized and co-polymerized. With this process, many kinds of rubbers are manufactured such as SBR, NBR, CR, ACM and FKM. SBR is mostly used in tire applications, other rubbers are mainly used in automotive applications due to their excellent oil resistant except CR.
The latest technical improvements are reported on SBR, NBR, ACM and HNBR. In SBR, introduction of third monomer led to reduce the rotating friction.
In NBR, new type of NBR was presented, having a rapid cure rate, high modulus and good abrasion properties. In ACM, the new cure system was introduced which shows more durability at high temperature. In HNBR, new type HNBRs were introduced, they have excellent balance properties between cold flexibility and oil resistance.

emulsion polymerization, automotive parts, SBR, NBR, ACM, HNBR,