English Abstract
Self Releasing Adhesive and the Application to Ultra
Thin Semiconductor Processing

Yasuhiko OYAMA
Sekisui chemical Co.,Ltd High Performance Plastics Company Industrial Tape Division
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(11),441-445 General Review in Japanese

We have developed Self-releasing adhesive tapes "SELFA" for manufacturing of ultra thin semi-conductor wafers. With the new tape, the semi-conductor wafer is fixed and supported properly on the glass board. After ultra thin process, adhesive starts self-releasing with UV irradiation. And then for the process of dicing, we have developed self-releasing dicing tape for ultra-thin wafer and its application to UV-needleless pickup system.
This report states the mechanism of self-releasing and the characteristics of the new
tapes and the application to an ultra thin manufacturing system for wafers.

Self-releasing adhesive, UV irradiation, Ultra thin wafer, Gas, Grinding, Dicing, Semiconductor