English Abstract
Application of NMR Imaging to Solid State Materials
Nippon Steel Corporation Advanced Technology Research Labo. Futtsu City, Chiba, JAPAN
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(11),429-434 General Review in Japanese

NMR imaging is most widely known, where the method has become an invaluable tool complementing X-ray tomography. But in the first reports of NMR imaging, both medical and materials applications were considered. Though the achievable spatial resolution is limited practically in fluids and soft solids, it was known already that NMR provides image contrast is fundamentally different from that of other methods. The contrast is determined not only by the density of observed nuclear, but also by the numerous other parameters, which are measured in NMR spectroscopy to investigate the molecular characteristics of condensed matter. These parameters include relaxation parameters which depend on the physical properties of the sample. In solids, also the size and orientation dependence of different spin interactions can be analyzed for contrast parameters. In this report, a basic principle of NMR imaging
and a industrial application of NMR imaging (solvents ingress to rubber ) are shown. And also, NMR-MOUSE, which is typical simple technique, has many applications in order to clarify properties at outisde. By mapping suitable NMR parameters over the sample volume, structures invisible to other methods may be determined. Within the limits imposed by the probe and magnet dimensions the method is nondestructive to the sample.

NMR, NMR imaging, contrast parameters, solid state materials, NMR-MOUSE(outside NMR)