English Abstract
The Use of Inflatable Dam against Water Disaster
Manager Marine/Civil Engineering Products Development Bridgestone Corporation, Yokohama, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(10),398-402 General Review in Japanese

The inflatable dam has been used over forty years to control water. Recently the application of this rubber bag to the anti-disaster facility, especially flood control has been paid attention. Here, the applications of the inflatable dams are introduced, such as; flood control dam, expansion gate which is the rubber inflatable valve in the sewer pipe, anti-flood weir which is the small inflatable dam installed at the entrance of facility, the tidal barrier which is the inflatable dams against the flood by the high tide, and the inflatable water break which protects the port from the outside ocean waves. The basic function of these rubber bags is to stop the water or wave by its flexible nature regardless its size. The recent large disasters such as the Tsunami in Indian Ocean and the flood and the earthquake in Niigata inspired the possibility of the inflatable rubber bag as the effective facility.

Inflatable dam, Expansion gate, Flood control, Tidal barrier,