English Abstract
Countermeasures Against Noise Generated Around Steel Railway Bridge
Masanori HANSAKA
Railway Technical Research Institute of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(10),370-375 General Review in Japanese

Steel railways bridges characteristically tend to generate high-level noise. Its reason is that not only high-level of structure-borne noise generated but also rolling noise is directly transmitted to trackside. Therefore, many efforts have been so far devoted to decrease the degree of vibration and noise of steel railway bridges. The countermeasures against noise generated adjacent to steel railways bridges are classified into the following five technologies: decrease of rolling noise, isolation of vibration, vibration damping, isolation of noise and noise absorption.
Many of them have adopted application of rubber materials for the purpose as intended. This paper describes the outline of these technologies to decrease the vibration and noise attributed to steel railway bridges.

Steel railway bridge, Rubber, Noise, Vibration