English Abstract
Silane Coupling Agent for Rubber Usage
General Manager CABRUS Dept. Chemical Specialties Div. Daiso Co., Ltd
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(6),237-242 General Review in Japanese

The effect of silane coupling agent(CA) as an additive for rubber is of considerable interest because it plays an important role in the silica-fillled rubber tires, where both low rolling resistance and wet grip properties are improved. The first silica-filled rubber tire was commercialized in 1991, and bis-triethoxylpropyl tetrasulfide(TESPT) was mainly used.
In recent years, bis-3-triethoxysilylpropyldisulfide(TESPD)has been developed since it has higher thermo-stability that makes higher temperature mixing possible. Although the physical properties of the rubber compound containing the later CA is reported to be close to those containing TESPT by controlling the sulfur content, there are some differences in the behavior, and there are many reports to interpret origin of the differences. In this article, relationship between the chemical structure of CA and physical properties of the silica-filled rubber, recent studies on the new type of devlopments are reviewed.

Tire, Silica, Coupling Agent,TESPT,TESPD,Chemical Structure