English Abstract
Properties of Hydrogenated Polystyrene―block―poly (styrene―co―butadiene) ―block―polystyrene (SSEBS) and its Miscibility in the blends with Polypropylene
Nobuyuki TOYODA
Kazuhisa KODAMA
Elastomer Laboratory, Polymer Research Laboratories JSR Corporation, Mie, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(5),171-175 Original Paper in Japanese

Physical properties and morphology of a series of hydrogenated polystyrene―block―poly (styrene―co―butadiene)―block―polystyrene (SSEBS) were investigated using tensile test, transmission electron microscope and pulse NMR. Physical properties and miscibility of the blends of SSEBS with isotactic polypropylene (PP) also were investigated using the same methods. These SSEBS were prepared by hydrogenation of anionically polymerized polystyrene―block―poly (styrene―co―butadiene)―block―polystyrene (S―SB―S). The content of styrene in the SB block was varied from 0 to 25% in order to examine effects of styrene content. The total styrene contents of two end polystyrene blocks were about 15%. Tensile strengths and scratch hunting resistance of the blends of those S―SEB―Ss with PP increased with increase in styrene content of SEB block. However, the miscibility of the blends slightly decreased with increase in the styrene content.

(Received on September 24, 2004)

(Accepted on March 8, 2005)

Hydrogenation, PP blend, Scratch resistance, Block copolymer, SSEBS,