English Abstract
Development of Thermal Interface Materials for IT-Related Applications (Silicone type TIM)
Kunihiko MITA
Research Manager, Silicone-Electronics Materials Research Center, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(4),153-157 General Review in Japanese

Silicone polymer which features excellent characteristics such as heat resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation, and flame retardancy is widely used as the polymer binder for high performance thermal interface materials. There are several forms of TIM such as elastomer sheet, phase change sheet, and grease material. Recently, gel type TIM such as gel sheet, gel-forming grease, and gel type adhesive have been developed, which feature low contact resistance for lower thermal resistance and highly stable performance for long term due to gel-forming crosslinking networks.
In addition, silicone gel sheet has advantage such as excellent handling characteristics and highly electrically insulative properties suitable for power supply application. Gel-forming silicone grease material has advantage of extremely low contact resistance with very high thermal performance, which is the most suitable for computer CPU type applications. Silicone gel type adhesive has advantage of self bonding properties for metals and plastic substratum.
Mainly, addition cure system has been adopted for the design of silicone gel type TIM formulation because addition cure enables much controled crosslinking networks for realizing low modulus of gel materials.

Silicone polymer, Gel sheet, Gel-forming grease, Gel type adhesive, Addition cure system