English Abstract
The Recent Trend of Epichlorohydrin Rubber
Toyofumi OTAKA
Research & Development Dept. Chemical Specialties Devision Daiso Co., Ltd.
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(2),73-77 General Review in Japanese

Epichlorohydrin rubber has good heat, cold, oil, and ozone resistance. It is utilized for automotives and industrial rubber using its performance.
In the automotive field, there are some request, for example, the improvement of durability, functionalize, and restriction of material. Those request come from increased temperature in engine room, automotive emission standard, and recycle etc...
On the other hand, epichlorohydrin rubber has unique semi-conductivity. This rubber is used in printer or copy machine.
It was written in this report that development for automotive use and these restriction, and development for OA machine use of epichlorohydrin rubber.

Epichlorohydrin rubber, Automotive, Pprinter, Semi-conductivity