English Abstract
New Technologies and New Developments of Fluoroelastomers
Manager Fluoroelastoers Team Fluoropolymer R & D Dept. Chemical Div. Daikin Industries, Ltd.,
Osaka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(2),60-64 General Review in Japanese

Recent new technologies and new concepts for fluoroelastomers are reviewed. And properties of new fluoroelastomers produced by using them are reported.
A completely new polymerization technology has been developed, and new fluoroelastomers consisted of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene are commercialized by using the new technology. One of them shows both better injection mold ability and excellent seal ability, and the other one indicates extremely superior seal ability at high temperature. It is suitable for harsh applications such as oxygen sensor seals of automobile engine.
Regarding low temperature flexible fluoroelastomers, four polymers are introduced in terms of fuel resistance and permeation. These elastomers are useful for addressing environmental requirements.
"Ultra low viscosity(ULV) Fluoroelastomer" is a new concept for fluoroelastomers.
Two new ULV fluoroelastomers have been developed, a bisphenol curable type and a peroxide curable one. Peroxide curable ULV fluoroelastomer shows both high productivities such as injection mold ability and excellent physical property without a post cure.
A new compound technology of fluoroelastomer suitable for injection molding is reviewed. It shows better flow ability and mold releasing property.

Fluoroelastomer, Ultra low viscosity, Injection mold, Low temperature, Non post cure