English Abstract
Fine Grinding of Vulcanized Rubber Using Kneading Equipment at High Temperature
Chemical and Textile Industry Research Institute, Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center, Fukuoka, Japan
Michiharu TOH
Department of Biochemistry and Applied Chemistry, Kurume National College of Technology,Fukuoka, Japan
R & D Department, Kurume Research Park Co.,Ltd.,Fukuoka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2005),78(1),3-7 Original Paper in Japanese

Vulcanized rubbers were comminuted to particle diameter with 1-5mm by cutting mill. Then, the particles were mixed with filler such as silica at roughly 100-150 in mixer and twin screw extruder. Fine powders of rubber wastes having the mean particle diameter of about 297-500m were obtained. It can be expected that this method is utilized to the recycling of a rubber waste.

(Received on June 21, 2004)

(Accepted on October 29, 2004)

Vulcanized rubber, Twin screw extruder, Fine grinding, Filler, Recycling