Fundamentals and Mechanical Properties of PSA Tapes
6. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of PSAs by Using Retardation Spectrum
Yoshiaki URAHAMA
Project Researcher, Venture Business Laboratory, Yamagata University
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2004),77(9),324-329 General Review in Japanese

A pressure sensitive adhesive is a lightly cross-linked polymer with the capability of 1,000-2,000% of large deformation. The behavior completely differs from the behavior of linear viscoelasticity. Numerical differentiation of the large-deformation creep data was carried out, and the retardation spectrum was obtained. As a result, the followings became clear.
(1) It became clear that the influence of the cross-linking degree of PSA appears in a long-term region, while theeffect of chemical composition of a PSA appears in a short-term region.
(2) In polymer/tackifier PSA system, it became clear that the short-term region of the retardation spectrum shape depends on the chemical structure of the tackifier, while the long-term region of it depends on the softening point.

Pressure sensitive adhesive, Acrylic polymer, Block polymer, Tackifier, Retardation spectrum, Creep