Indentification of Stress-strain Data of Rubber for Finite Element Analysis
Hiroshi Iizuka
Jonan 4-3-16, Yonezawa 992-8510, Japan
Yoshihiro Yamashita
Yasaka-cho 2500, Hikone 522-8523, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2004),77(9),306-311 General Review in Japanese

The stress-strain behavior of rubber is non-linear and is usually described using the strain energy density function. From the viewpoint of the input data for finite element analysis (FEA), a number of models have been proposed to describe the behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the feature of the models. Namely, the selection of the models is still a difficult subject when the FEA is performed. In this paper, the authors review the optimum identification of the stress-strain data of rubber for FEA input. This technical note is the summary of the discussion in the sectional meeting "mechanical properties of rubber" in the society of rubber industry, Japan. Ogden and Mooney-Rivlin models guarantee a marvelous expression under sufficient testing data, although they do not give a good description under insufficient testing data. Neo-Hookean model has possibilities to give an acceptable identification result under insufficient testing data, such as only a simple tensile testing data.

Finite Element Analysis, Stress-Strain Data, Mooney-Rivlin model, Ogden model, Neo-Hookean model