English Abstract
Fundamentals and Mechanical Properties of PSA Tapes 5. Evaluation of the Contact Process by Measuring the Tack
Yoshiaki Urahama
Project Researcher, Venture Business Laboratory, Yamagata University, Yamagata, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi, (2004), 77(7), 250-254 General Review in Japanese.

Wettability and fluidity are important factors in pressure sensitive adhesive properties, particularly in tack. Generally, the tack is being investigated from interface chemistry and rheology. In this paper, we have tried an approach to the tack from a new analysis in a phenomenon aspect. We have studied the tack from time spectra in rolling-ball tack and probe tack, and discussed the new analysis of tack. From the investigations, it becomes clear that dwell time and dead weight are the independent factors to each other to the tack. So, the following tack equation is formulated.

Pressure sensitive adhesive, Tack, Wettability, Rolling-ball tack, Probe tack, ANOVA, Analysis of variance