English Abstract
Outline of "Reduction of Environmental Impact and Its Corporate Management in Products and Factories"
Tatsuo Tani
RICOH COMPANY,LTD.,Corporate Environment Division, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi, (2004), 77(6), 194-199 General Review in Japanese.

A corporation can contribute to construct a recycle-based sustainable society with less environmental impact by grasping and minimizing environmental impact of products produced and marketed by him. In order for a corporation to continue effective environmental activities, it is a must to operate environmental conservation activities harmonized with management to generate economic value. This can be achievable with 1) top management leadership, 2) cooperative and ingenious environmental activities participated by all employees and 3) development of environmental technology which can drastically improve an effect of environmental conservation at a lower cost.

Comet Circle, Recycle-based Society, Life Cycle, Environmental Management, Environmental Impact Information System, Environmental Accounting, Balanced Score Card, Green Partnership, Reduction of Standby Power, Reuse of Whole Equipment, Reuse of Parts, Material Recycle, Waste Zero To Land Fill, Demonstration Office