English Abstract
Prediction of Hydroplaning and Tire Traction on Snow Using CAE
Eisuke Seta
Bridgestone Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi, (2004), 77(4), 147-151 General Review in Japanese.

This paper focused on application of fluid/structure interaction to tire analysis, such as hydroplaning and prediction of tire traction on snow. A three-dimensional prediction model has been developed. An explicit finite element method (FEM) and a finite volume method (FVM) were used to model tire and fluid, respectively. Fluid deformation was calculated by the Eulerian formulation to solve the complex interaction between fluid and tire tread pattern.
Numerical modeling of snow was also studied in order to establish the prediction model. Snow was assumed to be an elasto-plastic material whose yield law was considered to be a single function of pressure.
Predicted hydroplaning performance and tire traction on snow were compared with those of the experimental data. Results were shown to be in good qualitative agreement.

Tire, Prediction, Fluid/structure interaction, Hydroplaning, Tire traction on snow, Tread pattern design