English Abstract
Noise and Vibration Analysis for Rubber, Resinous Products
Toshiki Takei
LMS JAPAN, Kanagawa, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi, (2004), 77(4), 140-146 General Review in Japanese.

Recently we are facing a lot of pressures from Auto suppliers for their design and manufacturing process in order to increase the productivity and keep the credibility of their products. When we look at vehicle there are so many components and assembly parts made by rubber and resin, for instance, tires, bushes, intake/exhaust parts, tubes and hoses.
Especially low frequency vibration characteristics are sometimes depends on Engine or driveline or suspension mount stiffness. Also in driving conditions, tire is quite important for performance of drivability, ride-comfort and noise/vibration.
Dynamic analysis for those components is also important to know their characteristics in operating conditions, however there are many unknown / unclear non-linier characteristics. This paper will explain how to identify the mechanism of vibration & noise by using tools and technologies developed by LMS and in order to understand easily, we will show the practical examples for tire case and how influence on total vehicle performance from rubber or resin components.

Noise and Vibration, Non-linearity, Resonance frequency, Pre-load, Operational condition