English Abstract
Applications and Future Problems of CAE Analyses for Plastics Parts
Ryo Okuizumi,
Gen Aoki
Technical service center, Polyplasitcs Co., Ltd., Shizuoka, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi, (2004), 77(4), 118-123 General Review in Japanese.

Several topics on applications and future problems of injection molding CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), and structural analysis using CAE for plastics parts are discussed from the view point of experience in our technical service.
By using injection molding CAE analyses, we can solve many kinds of injection molding problems. But, we think that we still need validations of analyses. Future problems for the injection molding CAE seem to be the estimation of higher-order structure of polymer, measurement of plastics properties and reliance of analyses.
For the example of structural analysis application, we introduce one of the non-liner structural analysis results of POM (polyoxymethylene) parts and the creep phenomenon of plastics cup holder. For more sophisticated application, future problems seem to be taking into account of the characteristic properties of plastics such as non-linearity, viscoelastic property, orientation of the material and so on.

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) injection molding, Structural analysis, Plastics, Application