English Abstract
Frictional Surface Topography of Rubber and Fractal
Hiroyuki Fujita
Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology, Hyogo,Japan
Kazuhiko Sakaguchi,
Takashi Matsuoka
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Doshisha University, Kyoto,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2004),77(
2), 60-64 General Review in Japanese.

Fractals often appear in nature.Fractal dimension is defined for objects that have self-similarity characteristics. Fractal dimension is a value,which quantifies the degree ofcomplexity of topography, and it is a value that distinguishes the difference in surface roughness.
Fractal property appeared on the frictional surface topography of rubber.Frantal dimensions of 3-D surface topography which was measured by a laser displacement sensor had the span of 2.331 - 2.422.
Also, the power srectal density function of the frictional surface topography showed the fractal property and a class structure.
Correlation was found between their fractal dimension and the frictional coefficient.

Fractal Dimension, Rubber, Frictional Surface, Frictional Coefficient