English Abstract
Outlines of Percolation and Fractal Theories and Their Application to Suspension

Yasufumi Otsubo
Department of Urban Environment Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University Chiba,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2004),77(
2), 42-47 General Review in Japanese.

Percolation deals with the distribution of cluster sizes for particles distributed in an infinite lattice composed of sites linked together by bonds and the geometry of random clusters with only short-range forces and no long-range order can be described by fractal dimension.The rheology of suspensions flocculated by polymer bridging is analyzed on the basis of percolation and fractal theories.In bridging flocculation,many bridges are formed by one polymer and the systems are strongly interaced.The rheology of suspensions, in which the particles and polymer bridges are regarded as random and independent, can be quantitatively explained by percolation, scaling, and fractal concepts. However, these arguments are not applicable to rheology of strongly interacted
suspensions.The transport properties are discussed in relation to geometry of percolating network.

Percolation, Fractal,Scaling analysis, Suspension rheology, Bridging flocculation