English Abstract
Interfacial Adhesion of Composite 3. Nano-Structure of Silane-Treated Layer
Yoshinobu Nakamura
Department of Applied Chemistry, Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2004),77(
1), 31-35 General Review in Japanese.

The cleaved mica plate was treated with various silane coupling agent, and the topography of the silane-layer on the surface was observed using an atomic force microscopy. For this purpose, the silanes having aminopropyl or methacryloxypropyl group as an organofunctional group with di- or trialkoxy group were used. The reaction medium (2-propanol or 2-propanol/water mixture), the concentration of silane and pH at the silane solution were varied, and the relation between the topography of the silane layer and the treatment condition was investigated. It was clarified that the topography was strongly affected by the above factors, and the smooth silane layer can be obtained by controlling of them.

Surface Treatment, Silane Coupling Agent, Interface, AFM