English Abstract
Fundamentals and Mechanical Properties of PSA Tapes 4.
Morphological Analysis at Peeling PSA Tapes - Part 1

Yoshiaki Urahama
Project Researcher, Yamagata University, Venture Business Laboratory, Yamagata,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2004),77(
1), 25-30 General Review in Japanese.

Stringiness phenomena of PSA tapes at peeling were observed.
(1) Effects of the backing materials;
It becomes clear that the stringiness conformation of adhesives of the porous backings was observed as a honeycomb structure and that of the nonporous backing was a sawtooth shape structure.
(2) Effects of the peel load;
Stringiness phenomena of acrylic adhesive were observed under constant load conditions. In the results, peeling behavior was classified into the following two regions depending on peel load.

  A) Balanced region of peeling load vs. stress distribution caused by deformation of the adhesive tape at considerably low peeling speed.
  B) Unbalanced region where peeling occurred before peeling stress had been distributed equally in the adhesive at higher peeling speed

Pressure sensitive adhesive, Stringiness phenomena, Porous backing, Honeycomb structure, Sawtooth shape structure