English Abstract
Fundamentals and Mechanical Properties of PSA Tapes 2. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Yoshiaki Urahama
Project Researcher
,Yamagata University,Venture Business Laboratory Yamagata,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(9), 334-340 General Review in Japanese.

The pressure sensitive adhesive can be bonded to the adherend with the low pressure without the use of heat and the solvent. The pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are being widely used by this property now. Two basic types of pressure sensitive adhesives exist. There are those that derive their pressure sensitive properties from a blend of one or more elastomers and one or more additives, including at least one tackifier resin. The combination provides the pressure sensitive characteristics. Then there are those that have built-in pressure sensitive properties in a single molecular structure.
The pressure sensitive adhesives can be divided into three categories: the rubber system, the acrylic polymer system, and the silicone polymer system. Because only natural rubber does not show the adhesive property, tackifier resins are blended in natural rubber. There are many kinds of the acrylic polymers because various acrylates and methacrylates are copolymerized. In general, the acrylic polymer is made from the solvent system. The solventless system is a trend, the emulsion polymerization system has increased.

Pressure sensitive adhesive, Tape, Natural Rubber, Tackifier resin, Acrylic Polymer