English Abstract
Synthesis of Block Copolymers Containing Well-Defined Condensation Polymers and Possible Application to Novel Thermoplastic Elastomers
Tsutomu Yokozawa,
Department of Applied Chemistry, Kanagawa University Kanagawa,Japan
PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Corporation Kanagawa,Japan
Akihiro Yokoyama
Department of Applied Chemistry, Kanagawa University Kanagawa,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(
8), 304-309 General Review in Japanese.

Thermoplastic elastomers containing condensation polymers have been produced as generally multiblock copolymers, not di- or triblock copolymers, because polycondensation proceeds in a step-growth polymerization manner, not in a chain-growth polymerization manner like living polymerization. We have recently developed novel polycondensation that propagates from an initiator in a chain-growth manner (chain-growth polycondensation) to yield condensation polymers with defined molecular weights and low polydispersities. This polycondensation method will open to an access to new thermoplastic elastomers made of triblock and star block copolymers containing well-defined condensation polymers as block units. Herein we describe the polycondensation for well-defined aromatic polyamides as an example of chain-growth polycondensation and the synthesis of block copolymers and star block copolymers, which consist of condensation polymers and general polymers such as polystylene and poly(ethylene glycol). Furthermore, its application to the synthesis of novel thermoplastic elastomers is also discussed.

Chain-growth polycondensation, Thermoplastic elastomer, Block copolymer, Star polymer, Aromatic polyamide