English Abstract
Recent Technical Trends of Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
Yasuhiro Nishihara
Engineering Plastic Development Center Functional Products Research Department,Toyobo Co.Ltd.Research Center Shiga, Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(
8), 299-303 General Review in Japanese.

Thermoplastic polyester elastomers can be classified into two types depending on the soft segment in the copolymer that gives it resilience. Polyester-polyether-type is a block copolymer consisting of PBT as the hard segment and PTMG as the soft one. It covers general-purpose grades, being designed to have flexibility, heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance processability and more in the best balanced proportion. Polyester-polyester-type consists of PBT as the hard segment and PCL as the soft one, has physical properties comparable to Polyester-polyether-type, and has unequal heat aging and light resistance. In recent years, high durability special polyester-polyether-type grades with excellent fatigue endurance and resistance to grease have been developed and applied to CVJ boots. Also new generation TPEE consisting of PBN as the hard segment has excellent resistance to hydrolysis, chemicals, oil, high temperature, abrasion and low expansion coefficient. These will stretch the limit of TPEE.

Polyester-polyether type elastomer, Polyester-polyester type elastomer, High durability