English Abstract
Fillers Incorporation and Dispersion in Rubber Mixing
Hiroshi Takatsugi
Sinmei Rubber Ind Co.,Ltd.,Tokyo,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(
6), 192-197 General Review in Japanese.

The mechanism of fillers incorporation and dispersion in rubber mixing were considered from an experimental point of view.The dispersion of fillers is stabilized by a bound rubber generated in the vicinity of the interface between rubber and fillers.Combination of shear with press-expansion in the mixing,contributes to dispersion of fillers into a rubber mixture.From the practical viewpoint,the demerit of a tangential-type mixer generates a lot of micro void in the compound employing unsuitable rotation speed of the rotor.In other case,an intermeshing-type mixer brings causes unfavarable deviation of FIT(Filler Incorporation Time).