English Abstract
Application of Rubber Material for Pressure Sensitive Cable Sensor.
Takashi Aoyama,
3th Dept., Research and Development Center, Hitachi Cable, Ltd.,Ibaraki, Japan. 
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(4),138-140  General Review in Japanese.

Excellent characteristic of rubber materials is used for pressure sensitive cable sensors. These code-like sensors have plus and minus electrodes. When pressure sensitive cable sensors are sufficiently deformed by external pressure to cause a pair of electrodes to touch each other, these enters the "ON" state. Two kinds of rubber material, conductive rubber and insulation rubber, are used for these sensors. It is necessary for conductive rubber that low volume resistivity and durability. It is necessary for insulation rubber to have both of flexibility and durability.
We have developed the pressure sensitive cable sensor, which is a flexible cord-like sensors capable of sensing any pressure applied at any position or in any direction. These excellent characteristics are achieved by the special structure in which four conductive wires are spirally molded in the cable. Moreover this sensor exhibits good durability and reliability in the various environmental conditions. This sensor has been already used for several applications like automobile door sensors, and with its excellent characteristics, it can find other wide-range potential applications.

sensor,conductive rubber, insulation rubber, flexible