English Abstract
Cold Shrink Tube for Cable Splicing Material.
Tsunehisa Nakamura,
Masao Ohtsubo,
Electrical Products Group Technical Dept.,Electrical & Telecom Products Div. Sumitomo 3M Limited,Kanagawa,Japan.
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(4),134-137  General Review in Japanese.

In recent years, the
has been adopted as a splicing material of an electric power cable.
This is because predominancy, such as ease of splicing by the PST, homogeneity, and long-term reliability, is applied.
This paper explains the fundamental structure of the PST, and the material characteristic required as the PST. Moreover, the example to which PST was applied as a splicing material of an electric power cable is shown.

PST, CST, Splice Body, Hoop pressure