English Abstract
Carbon Black Reinforcement of RubbercNo1, General Rules of Reinforcement
Yoshihide Fukahori
Polymer Engineering Design, Tokyo,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(
12), 460-465 General Review in Japanese.

Addition of carbon black significantly improves physical and mechanical properties of elastomers. That is, it greatly increases modulus, tensile strength, tear strength, fatigue resistance and wear resistance of unfilled elastomers. This improvement is called "Carbon black reinforcement", and has been widely discussed. Nevertheless, most of theories, ideas and models proposed deal only with a part of the above phenomena, rather than addressing the overall phenomena to give an unified and synthetic concept.
In this paper, we would like to generalize the fundamental concept of reinforcement and apply it to the carbon black reinforcement of rubber. That will be the basic of a new concept and theory being proposed by the author.

Carbon black, Reinforcement, Rubber, Rheological model, Filler