English Abstract
Recent Advances in Polybutadienes
Toshihiro Tadaki
Elastomer Laboratory, Polymer Research Laboratories, JSR Corporation, Mie,Japan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(
12), 441-445 General Review in Japanese.

High cis-polybutadienes(poly BD) are widely used in the industrial field such as materials for tire or golf ball.
High cis-poly BD prepared from Ziegler-type catalyst system are effective to take a cis configuration in high levels, however, the molecular weight distributions (Mw/Mn) of obtained poly BDs are fairly broad. Poly BD having both narrow Mw/Mn and high cis configuration levels are desirable for the purpose of better abrasion resistance, higher resilience and lower heat build-up, and so on.
Recently, the new polybutadiene rubbers polymerized by Nd catalystiNd-poly BDjhas been developed. Nd-poly BDs have higher 1,4-cis bond content, lower 1,2-vinyl bond content, narrower Mw/Mn and higher linearity than the conventional Ziegler-type Ti, Co or Ni catalyzed poly BD.
Evaluation on polybutadiene only and carbon black system for tire application was carried out. Nd-poly BD showed better processability, lower hysteresis loss and higher abrasion resistance. Furthermore, evaluation on golf ball formulation was carried out. Nd-poly BD had the potential of higher resilience property than Ni catalyzed poly BD from the results of lower tan value at -. These results indicate that Nd-poly BD is a much for industrial application such as tire, golf ball and so on.

High cis-polybutadiene, Stereospecificity, Molecular weight distribution, Linearity, Processability and Physical properties