English Abstract
Development of New Composite Material in a High Magnetic Field
Masayuki Tobita
R&D Center, Polymatech.Co.,Ltd,TokyoJapan
Nippon Gomu Kyokaishi,(2003),76(
10), 364-369 General Review in Japanese.

As a result of the development of recent superconductive technology, a high magnetic field would be able to be easily utilized, and the behavior of diamagnetic material and paramagnetic material in a high magnetic field are actively studied. 
Due to anisotropy in magnetic susceptibility of diamagnetic materials such as organic fiber, carbon nanotubes, boron nitride, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide, it is possible to align these materials in a certain direction using a high magnetic field. The anisotropic functional composite material can be prepared, by dispersing diamagnetic filler in the monomer matrix, followed by its alignment in a high magnetic field and polymerization of the matrix. The composite which is excellent in the anisotropy of mechanical, thermal, electrical properties, etc. can be produced, when a functional diamagnetic filler is used.

Magnetic Alignment, Diamagnetic Susceptibility, Anisotropic Property, Composite Material