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NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI Instructions for Submissions
NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI Guidelines for Submissions (rev. 1)
1. Aim of Journal
  The aim of the Journal of SRIJ is to provide our membership with a publication that offers a source of technical information for members, and presents technical and academic research and papers.
2. Content of Journal
  The Journal contains regular papers, technical papers, communications and reviews.
2.1 Regular papers, technical papers, communications
  Submissions must not have been published in print form elsewhere. However, this restriction does not apply to results previously published as abstracts, technical data, activity reports, or posters.
(1)Regular papers
Regular papers should contain original research as well as a conclusion or facts of significant value, and should demonstrate a thorough level of inquiry.
(2)Technical papers
Technical papers should contain technical novelty and be capable of bringing benefit to the field. Papers should include such aspects as process, evaluation method, evaluation data, and product (application) proposal, but must not aim to promote the product.
Communications should be preliminary reports of special significance and urgency that need to be published at an early stage. Such reports are accepted on the understanding that the content will be further refined and submitted in the form of regular papers.
2.2 Reviews
  Reviews focus on a specific subject, describing current technical trends and the research and development situation or summarizing and explaining other reports on the subject in order to further the understanding of SRIJ members.
3. Eligibility Requirements for Contributors
  Authors of submitted manuscripts should preferably but not necessarily be members of SRIJ. However, in the case where all contributors to a particular issue of the Journal are non-members, an additional per page charge will be stipulated and levied.
4. Manuscript Preparation and Submission
  Authors should follow the Guidelines for Submissions prescribed in addition to these instructions.
5. Manuscript Review, Changes, Acceptance, Rejection, Re-Submission
1) The Editorial Committee reviews the content of the manuscript and decides whether to accept or reject it in accordance with the review guidelines prescribed in addition to these instructions.
2) During the review process, the Editorial Committee can request the author of a manuscript to make changes to the content by making additions, deletions or revisions, or to amend the wording.
3) Acceptance or rejection of the manuscript is determined by the Editorial Committee.
4) Manuscripts for which amendments have been requested by the Editorial Committee shall be re-submitted by the specified date. In principle, if the manuscript is not re-submitted by the specified date, it is deemed that the author no longer wishes the manuscript to be considered for publication in the Journal.
5) No changes can be made to manuscripts that have been reviewed and accepted without the agreement of the Editorial Committee.
6. Author Proofs
  The Editorial Committee may, if necessary, request authors to revise their manuscripts. Authors are requested to revise the proof copy and return it by the specified date.
7. Reprints
1) A fee is charged for reprints of regular papers, technical papers and communications, and the author must purchase 50 copies. If more than 50 copies are required, application should be made at the time of returning the author proofs. We are unable to respond to applications made after this time.
2) A fee is charged for reprints of reviews, but there is no obligation to purchase. If the author wishes to purchase, reprints are available in units of 50 copies and application shall be made at the time of submitting the manuscript or returning the author proofs.
3) We are unable to respond to requests to purchase reprints by anyone other than the author. The fee for the reprints is determined in Table 1 and 2.

Table 1 Fee of reprints for regular papers, technical papers and communications
No. of pages 1 2 3 4 5 6
50 copies 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000
* When the number of pages exceeds that stipulated, each additional page shall be charged at the rate
15,000 per page.

Table 2 Fee of reprints for reviews
No. of pages 1-4 5 6
50 copies 10,000 15,000 20,000
* When the number of pages exceeds that stipulated, each additional page shall be charged at the rate of 10,000 per page.
8. Amendments after Publication
  Errata will be published if the request of the author is approved by the Editorial Committee.
9. Copyright, Publishing Rights
  SRIJ holds the copyright and publishing rights for all manuscripts published in NIPPON GOMU KYOKAISHI.
(supplementary provision) effective from May 1, 1997
Partially revised on October 19, 2000
Partially revised on January 21, 2004